City News


New Pool

The City of Gibbon is currently constructing a new swimming pool in Rosen Park.  The new pool will be a zero depth pool and handicap accessible.  Some of the features of the pool will be two slides, one being a plunge slide with two full circles on the way down.  The other slide will be in the deep end and is called a drop slide.  The drop slide will come out approximately 18 inches above the water and be a straight tube design.  There will be three play features in the zero depth area.  One example would be that of the bucket drop, the bucket fills with water and then tips over and dumps back into the pool.  The pool is scheduled to be open for next season.



New Playground Equipment at Pioneer Park

If you have not noticed we have installed new playground equipment in Pioneer Park.  The new playground is a great improvement to the downtown area, features four slides and climbing features and two steering wheels for the kids.  For safety we added shredded rubber underneath the structure, it is a lot nicer and safer.