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Citizen Survey

The City of Gibbon with the assistance of the Gibbon Planning Commission and Hanna:Keelan Associates, P.C., are in the process of updating the City’s comprehensive plan.  The new Comprehensive Plan will include an analysis on existing land use, zoning, public facilities, utilities and transportation, as well as the preparation of Community planning goals and action steps for a 10-year planning period.

An extensive Citizen Participation Program will consist of a Gibbon “Citizen Survey” and a Community Planning Open House.  The Community is asked to participate in the Citizen Survey, which can be done by clicking on the link below or hard copies are located at City Hall and The Gibbon Library.   Please take time to fill out the survey as Community input is crucial in the Comprehensive Plan.  The Community Planning Open House will be scheduled at a later date.  Please watch the City’s website or the local paper for updates.

Surveys must be completed by February 4, 2016.

Click here to take the Citizen Survey